VR & the Metaverse Church


How God Is Moving in This Virtual, Yet Quite Real, Reality
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A new mission field lies before us, and with it the beginning of a cultural shift that will revolutionize the world. Is the church ready? The Metaverse will impact economics, education, and community as we know it. But while billions if not trillions are being spent to create these virtual communities globally, the church is questioning whether or not these communities, these avatars, these relationships are worthy and real. Let’s celebrate the Pioneers that are championing ministry in this growing mission field and explore the unique opportunities of church in virtual reality.

In this book, you will discover:

  • What Exactly Is the Metaverse?
  • Virtual Reality 101
  • What Virtual Reality Is and Is Not
  • Examples of Churches in Virtual Reality
  • The Virtual Reality Mission Field
  • Discipleship in Virtual Reality
  • The Cultural Impact of Virtual Reality on Physical Church
  • 3 Steps on to How to Get Started

Secure VR & the Metaverse Church today for you and your team to discern the possibilities of this emerging missional frontier.

Jeff Reed
In June 2000, Jeff led his first online Bible study, taking 75 people from around the world through the book of James using a text-based system called Ultimate BB. He was doing digital ministry way before it was cool. Founding THECHURCH.DIGITAL in 2018, Jeff’s passions have evolved into helping churches (and individuals too!) find their calling through digital discipleship, releasing people on digital mission, and planting multiplying digital churches. This pursuit will expand as Jeff (and others) create the DigitalChurch.Network, an organic, decentralized network for digital expressions of church, globally. Jeff also serves as the Director of Metaverse Church NEXT for Leadership Network, and works closely with Exponential and other globally facing, multiplication-friendly, gospel-centric organizations. Jeff married his high school sweetheart, Amy, and has two kids and a dog. They live in Miami, Florida.
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