Together As A Team


A Values-Based Approach to Going Further, Faster-Together

Together as a Team proposes an approach to seeing teams move beyond authoritative, top-down leadership structures into a values-based and shared leadership model. It introduces a framework for clarifying your church’s mission, vision, and values in a collaborative way. Once you articulate those, the work of defining ministry goals, refining strategy, and aligning resources quickly emerges. This approach to values-based leadership will fortify engagement, ownership, and empowerment, which can catalyze your team toward greater kingdom impact.

Written for pastors, ministry leaders, team leaders, and elders alike, this book will help anyone who is called to steward a local church body. Churches can use this resource not just to develop their own leadership knowledge but also to build a long-term and sustainable approach to collaborative, values-based leadership. You will walk away with a fresh perspective on effective ministry leadership.

“Keri is a leader’s leader with great insight into the critical areas of leadership, values, and vision clarity. She knows the questions leaders need to be asking and in this book offers a powerful resource to help you shape your vision and see it become a reality.” —Jud Wilhite, Author and Pastor at Central Christian Church

“Keri asks questions that others don’t. They can be unsettling questions, but they are God questions. I always want to know what she’s thinking—she makes the rest of us better.” —Dick Alexander, Pastor, CMFI International Consultant

Keri Ladouceur
KERI LADOUCEUR is the founder of New Ground Network, an interdenominational movement of leaders catalyzing kingdom multiplication. She pastors at Vineyard Christian Church. Keri has coached ministry leaders and pastors across the globe. She has more than fifteen years of coaching experience, having worked with churches and ministries of 50 to 40,000 people. Keri has also served with senior leadership at Willow Creek, launching more than 100 missional communities. She longs to see the local church thrive in various unique contexts and to activate the people of God to join Christ in the redemption and restoration of all things.
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