The Gospel Disciple



We all share the same disciple-making mission. To accomplish this mission, we need to answer three important questions:

1. What is the Gospel?
2. What is a disciple?
3. What is the church?

In addition to answering these questions, it’s important that we answer them in the same order they are presented allowing each one to build off the other. The Gospel Disciple explores the fact that Gospel-centrality is key to understanding our disciple-making mission, and in turn understanding our disciple-making mission is key to understanding the church. Healthy ecclesiology begins with planting the Gospel, making disciples, and then forming the church around those disciples. Often it’s one thing to make church disciples and another to make Gospel disciples. Why not make them one in the same? In this eBook, author David Putman points out that answering these three questions allows us to do just that.

David Putman
David is founder of Planting the Gospel ( where he spends his time catalyzing movement makers for planting gospel-centered churches committed to making disciples. He has been involved in church planting for over twenty years as a planter, catalyst, strategist, and coach. He is author of Detox for the Overly Religious, Breaking the Discipleship Code, and co-author of Breaking the Missional Code with Ed Stetzer. David’s life mission is to help others discover the simplicity, centrality, and beauty of Jesus and his
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