The G3 Map: Discover God's Map for Your Church


Discover Gods Map For Your Church

A supplemental eBook for Missional Moves (Exponential Signature Series, Zondervan)

An Essential Tool for Every Disciple
The G3 Map is a tool every church leader committed to making disciples needs to have not only in their hands, but also in their heart and mind. As local church, we’ll never find our way to mission without the G3 Map.

If a local church wants to be on mission with God, it must expand beyond its natural tendency to fixate on reaching its own tribe to the God-birthed and Spirit-fueled desires to see every tribe included in the Kingdom. G3 is God’s map to the New World. Without a clear view of this macro map that includes all peoples and every tribe, we end up fixated with the micro map of my people and my tribe, not truly understanding where our lives and our churches fit within the larger picture.

Get ready for an epic journey through the entire story of the Bible through the G3 Map. This quest promises to be just as exhilarating and challenging. You’ll need to strap on your seat belt, safety helmet and hiking boots.

More Than Basic Instructions
Rather than simply viewing the Bible as Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth or a series of stories with a moral attached, we invite you into the sweeping Meta narrative of the Scripture as the ultimate way of understanding and living the Bible.

The story of God’s Global Glory, (G3) the Story of Stories, helps us frame the individual stories within the larger map. More than that, it helps us frame the very story of our lives. We find that we are being invited out of our seats and into the Story.

We’ll never make disciples without turning on the G3 Map in the heart and mind of every follower of Jesus. If you’re ready to march off your little map into the unexplored territory of God’s Global Glory, then pack up your gear and let’s go.

The G3 Map is a free supplemental eBook for Missional Moves (Exponential Signature Series, Zondervan), but can be read on its own. Missional Moves describes 15 tectonic shifts that unleash missional energy and have the power within them to transform churches, communities and the world. These shifts are explored through the compelling story of Granger Community Church, one of America’s best-known attractional churches who is on a 10-year journey toward apostolic movement.

Rob Wegner
Rob is a ragamuffin who lives to love Jesus, his wife, his daughters, and his extended spiritual family in his neighborhood. He’s also one of the founding leaders and directors of the Kansas City Underground, a mission agency and decentralized network of microchurches and missional leaders committed to filling Kansas with the beauty, justice, and good news of Jesus. Rob also serves on the Global Leadership Team of NewThing, a global tribe equipping movement-makers in every nation of the world who believe in networking around the Jesus Mission. The Starfish and the Spirit: Unleashing the Leadership Potential of Churches and Organizations is his latest book, which he co-wrote with Lance Ford and Alan Hirsch.
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Jack Magruder
Jack Magruder is Director of Life Mission at Granger Community Church. Jack has been on staff with Granger seven years as Rob's executive officer in helping an attractional church become missional.
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