The Empowered Life


Practical Ways to Demonstrate a Naturally Supernatural Lifestyle

The supernatural work of the Holy Spirit must be lived out through practices that somehow seem both deeply spiritual and simultaneously ever so natural.

This book will give you very practical ways to demonstrate a Spirit empowered lifestyle!

Topics include:

  • Being filled with the Spirit
  • Hearing the voice of God
  • Healing the sick
  • Becoming a naturally supernatural missionary

Everything is rooted in the Bible, as well as being tied to proven wisdom and repeatable practices. You will be inspired by the stories and equipped to better demonstrate a Spirit empowered lifestyle!

Authors Alex and Hannah Absalom share from over 25 years study and experience in how to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, doing so in ways that are both full of faith and pastorally wise.

See new blog from Alex and Hannah on 5 practical steps to maintain an Empowered Life.

Alex Absalom
Alex Absalom is a writer, thinker and above all practitioner on the art of leading in a disciple-making, mission-focused culture. He writes two or three times a week on intentional missional leadership at He serves on the leadership of RiverTree Christian Church in northeast Ohio, where he has led the church into planting multiple dozens of mid-sized missional communities, along with the associated discipling structures. He also co-founded Synergy, which offers one-day conferences and learning communities for churches and leaders on the missional journey. Alex has been married to Hannah since 1994, and they have three naughty but charming sons. He is a passionate fan of Liverpool Football Club and is a connoisseur of both fine tea and good Scotch!
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Hannah Absalom
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