Sending Capacity, Not Seating Capacity


Why a Church Gains the Most When It Sends Its Best

Sending Capacity, Not Seating Capacity: Why a Church Gains the Most When It Sends Its Best by J.D. Greear and Mike McDaniel

What if church multiplication was actually a common and normal thing? What if The Summit Church’s story of multiplication is actually just one example of something God intended for every church? In this new FREE eBook from J.D. Greear and Mike McDaniel, the two Summit leaders share some of the lessons they’ve learned over the last 10 years of planting 23 churches domestically and 90 internationally, and sending out 555 people from the congregation to be part of new church plants.

Greear and McDaniel tell The Summit Church’s sending story in thorough detail, giving readers an understanding of what had to change to develop a culture of multiplication, and in each chapter, the authors unpack a tension they’ve faced in building a culture of multiplication and how they’ve navigated the specific tensions. At the end of the day, the authors write, “we can tell you that we have gained far more than we have lost.”

Key takeaways

  • Balancing needs here in the sending church with needs there in the plant.
  • We cannot just measure the success of a church simply by its initial impact.
  • Churches that grow deep (without caring about width) are not as deep as they think.
  • Depth + width = multiplication.
  • The greatest obstacle to planting more churches is not a lack of funds; it’s a lack of qualified planters.
  • The greatest resource your church can contribute to the mission of God is your best leaders.
  • Two primary principles that have helped The Summit Church church send its best.
  • Jesus’ model of sending exemplified through His example of gathering and teaching His disciples.
  • The key to bringing in the harvest doesn’t lie in one person.
  • Lasting motivation for mission comes when you remember all that God has done to save you.
  • God grows His Kingdom as we release what He has given us and die to our desires for it.
J.D. Greear
J.D. Greear is the lead pastor of The Summit Church, in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. With more than 8,500 in weekly attendance, The Summit Church has been ranked by Outreach magazine as one of the fastest-growing churches in the United States. J.D. has also led The Summit to further the Kingdom of God by pursuing a bold vision to plant 1,000 new churches by the year 2050. J.D. has a Ph.D. in systematic theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of Jesus, Continued…: Why the Spirit Inside You Is Better Than Jesus Beside You (2014), Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart: How to Know for Sure You Are Saved (2013), and Gaining by Losing: Why the Future Belongs to Churches that Send (2015). J.D. and his beautiful wife Veronica live in Raleigh and are raising four ridiculously cute kids: Kharis, Alethia, Ryah, and Adon.
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Mike McDaniel
Mike McDaniel is the church planting pastor at The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, and the director of The Summit Network. Over the last five years, Summit planted 17 churches in North America and in 2013 launched the The Summit Network with a vision of planting 1,000 churches in our generation. Mike has a Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston, Massachusetts, though he originally hails from Texas. He lives in Durham with his beautiful wife, Jamie, and their daughter, Madelyn.
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