Return to Disciple Making Resource Kit


Return to Disciple Making Resource Kit




ONE EIGHTY: Return to Disciple Making

“We have not done a good job of discipling our people.” If there is one post-pandemic confession, I have heard church leaders in the U.S. make more than any other it is this! Repeatedly I hear from leaders of big churches and small churches and everything in between, “We have got to get back to focusing on discipleship.” As a local church pastor and a leader of a church planting organization I join that confessional chorus and admit – we need to return to disciple making!

It is with a strong sense that God is calling us back to the primary purpose of the church the Exponential Big Idea for 2024 will be One Eighty: Returning to Disciple Making. For churches to return to Biblical disciple making we will need to pivot and make the following 180’s…

Watch sessions and Q&A for Orlando 2023:

Return to Disciple Making using these 4 focus areas:

  1. 180: From Reaching to Making
  2. 180: From Informing to Equipping
  3. 180: From Programming to Relationship
  4. 180: From Activity to Intimacy