Made for More


Mobilizing God’s People, God’s Way

Paul wrote Ephesians for the body of Christ to help them discover God’s design for the church and the fullness of the mission God has for every single person He has created.

In Made for More: Six Essential Shifts for Creating a Culture of Mobilization, the authors work chapter-by-chapter through Scripture, highlighting six key shifts from the book of Ephesians that are necessary to create a healthy culture of mobilization:

  • Shift 1: From More Effort to More Jesus
  • Shift 2: From More Volunteers to More Masterpieces
  • Shift 3: From More Guilt to Move Love
  • Shift 4: From More Hierarchy to More Missionaries
  • Shift 5: From More Programs to More Mission Fields
  • Shift 6: From More Strategy to More Surrender

This healthy culture will help church leaders shift their thinking away from “volunteerism” and towards “mobilization.”




Todd Wilson
Todd is a Kingdom entrepreneur. He spends the majority of his time starting and working with organizations committed to Kingdom impact and multiplication. Todd is a founding member of Exponential, which organizes and hosts the annual Exponential conference in Orlando and live events throughout the United States and world. Todd serves as President and CEO of Exponential, providing vision and strategic direction to the organization. Todd lives in Durham, NC, with his wife, Anna. They have two sons and two daughters-in-law: Ben & Therese and Chris & Mariah, and an amazing grandson Evan.
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Rob Wegner
Rob is a ragamuffin who lives to love Jesus, his wife, his daughters, and his extended spiritual family in his neighborhood. He’s also one of the founding leaders and directors of the Kansas City Underground, a mission agency and decentralized network of microchurches and missional leaders committed to filling Kansas with the beauty, justice, and good news of Jesus. Rob also serves on the Global Leadership Team of NewThing, a global tribe equipping movement-makers in every nation of the world who believe in networking around the Jesus Mission. The Starfish and the Spirit: Unleashing the Leadership Potential of Churches and Organizations is his latest book, which he co-wrote with Lance Ford and Alan Hirsch.
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