Heart Logic


Aligning Your Heart for an Unhindered Life

Begin to explore your heart in Heart Logic. The book provides a strategic pathway for re-evaluating the fundamental conclusions within your heart that will help you allow God’s perspective to guide your heart more than pain, leaving you with the capacity to trust and hope as you move through life. 

Don’t settle for a hindered life full of fear and disillusionment. Partner with God to set up your heart for wisdom and wellness. Discover the unhindered, free life waiting for you.


Charity Byers Ph.D.
Dr. Byers serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Psychologist for The Blessing Ranch Ministries. As a licensed Psychologist, she provides Counseling Services to Pastors, Missionaries, and other Christian leaders. She loves continuing the mission that began with her father, Dr. John Walker, to help Christian leaders live well, lead well, and finish well. Dr. Byers is invested in bringing the transformational work Blessing Ranch has done for over 25 years into greater reach for leadership teams and staff.
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John Walker Ph.D.
John Walker Ph.D.
Dr. Walker is the Founder of Blessing Ranch Ministries. He is recognized internationally as an expert in Christian leaders' emotional, spiritual, and professional development. Dr. Walker has used his expertise as a licensed Psychologist and as an ordained Pastor to successfully serve over 4,000 Christian leaders since founding Blessing Ranch Ministries in 1992.
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