Ebook Formatting



This eBook was initially created for authors seeking to distribute their resources through Exponential. The scope of the book was expanded to serve any author considering self- publishing via eBooks. This eBook is a supplemental resource to our resource titled: eBook Authoring: A Simple Guide to Authoring eBooks.

Formatting content for eBook distribution is a confusing process for most people. This guide aims to painlessly cut through the confusion and help you create a manuscript that is easily converted to the most popular eBook formats. By following the roadmap in this guide, you will produce an eBook in three of the most popular formats with a relatively consistent look regardless of the eReader used:

• ePub (iPhone, iPad, Nook and other Android Tablets)

• pdf (readable on eReaders and on computer screens)

• mobi (Kindle)

The roadmap follows three basic steps:

  1. Manuscript in Word
  2. Save as PDF
  3. Translate to eReader formats





Todd Proctor
Todd Proctor is a founder and Lead Pastor of ROCKHARBOR, a catalytic church of five city-based campuses across Orange County, California. Todd travels extensively as a coach and communicator to help churches and leaders take next steps towards greater Kingdom impact. He partners in life and ministry with his wife Lisa and their tribe of four kids.
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Eric Reiss
Eric serves as Executive Pastor for The Surge Community Church. He is a teacher, author, songwriter, and recording artist with a quirky sense of humor. He’s in love with his wife, Karen, and with their well-above- average daughter, Evangeline. He and his family live in Burke, Virginia.
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