Rick Richardson

Rick Richardson

Wheaton College: Professor of Evangelism and Leadership, Director of WCBGC Research Institute, Director of the Church Evangelism Institute

Rev. Dr. Rick Richardson is professor of evangelism and leadership at Wheaton College and directs the Church Evangelism and Research Institutes for the Billy Graham Center. He founded the Church Evangelism Institute and co-founded the African American Church Evangelism Institute.

An ordained Anglican priest, Rick is part of an Anglican church plant in urban Chicago. After 25 years in campus ministry, he now consults widely with churches on evangelism, church revitalization, healing, reconciliation, the emerging generation, and contemporary missional churches and missional movements. He is passionate about evangelism, prayer, and racial reconciliation in order to cast vision and equip an emerging generation.

Rick’s latest book is You Found Me: New Research on How Unchurched Millennials, Nones, and Irreligious are Surprisingly Open to Christian Faith. He holds an M.Div. from Northern Baptist Seminary (evangelism and urban ministry) and a Ph.D. in intercultural studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.