Jay Moon

Professor of Evangelism and Church Planting

Jay Moon is the Professor of Evangelism & Church Planting and Director of the Office of Faith, Work, and Economics at Asbury Theological Seminary. He authored six books, including Missional Vibrancy and Financial Viability and A Missional Approach to the Marketplace. He also edited five books, including Entrepreneurial Church Planting: Innovative Approaches to Engage the Marketplace. He is a frequent speaker on areas of church planting, evangelism, and marketplace mission. In addition to his role as a teaching pastor in a local entrepreneurial church plant, Jay holds a Professional Engineer’s license and a MBA focused on social entrepreneurship. He started/operates a handful of small businesses, and he provides coaching for church planters and entrepreneurs. He is actively involved in researching alternate financial models for church planting and will provide cutting edge research information in the learning community.


October 23, 2022

LNP18 – How to Accelerate a Missional Approach to the Marketplace

What would it look like if “normal” Christians were to consider that it is God’s plan for them to carry out their missional calling within the marketplace…

November 9, 2021

Missional Vibrancy & Financial Viability

Do you know churches or church plants that are struggling with finances? What if the financial models that most American churches relied upon for many…