Jason Poling

Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church

Jason serves as lead pastor for Cornerstone Church in Yuba City, California. He planted its first virtual reality church campus in 2020, making it the first church to exist as a hybrid congregation, existing in both IRL (in real life) and VR. In 2021, he led Cornerstone to plant two more campuses. Jason also helped Cornerstone establish the first biblical counseling center in the metaverse and initiate the “Yuba City on a Hill” vision to launch a biblical counseling center, kids activity hub, and city market in their community to serve the rapidly increasing unchurched population.

Jason received his Master of Divinity at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He and his wife, Gwen, have three children. Jason loves helping other pastors inspire their congregations to reach all worlds—including the metaverse—for Christ!