Welcome Center

Welcome to Exponential Venture’s Virtual Summit in the HUB!

YOU ARE HERE, in the Welcome Center.

All sessions will be held in the Auditorium page.

In our parallel Online Community Hub, Exponential hosts weekly live webinars in the Auditorium. You can find an example of one below.

You can get a taste of how the Online Hub platform is used by watching the Tour video below, which was created for Exponential Boise 2020.

What is the Hub?

Think of the HUB as a virtual conference.  Just like attending a physical conference, the HUB serves as the virtual conference center.  There is the auditorium where main events are held, breakout rooms, a resource center, and sponsor hall.
What is Exponential?
Exponential is the largest library of multiplication resources on the planet. We exist to help you accelerate your church’s multiplication. 93% of churches never reproduce themselves. Think about that! That means only 7% ever do. Our goal is to change the number of multiplying churches from 7 to 10% to reach the tipping point in North America.
Who do I contact for help?
Exponential is here to service you. Our team monitors all help requests regularly. If you need to contact our helpdesk for any reason, please email support@exponential.org
What is my video doesn’t load?
Try refreshing the page so that it can reload. If that doesn’t work, shut your browser down and restart it. That usually fixes the problem.
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