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Leadership Network is a trusted resource for the Church. We convene leadership conversations and foster innovative movements that seek to activate the Church to 100X impact thereby transforming the world. It would be our privilege to serve you.

Announcement from the CEO’s of Exponential and CDF Capital

The demands of ministry require each of us to bring our personal, and organizational, best to the Kingdom building circles we serve in day-in and day-out.  Despite all that 2020 has brought us, we hold true to our mission and calling.  While the need for this world to know Christ has not changed, how we work towards our goals and accomplish our vision must change. It is in this spirit of change that we are excited to make this announcement.

In late August, Exponential assumed stewardship of and controlling interest in Leadership Network. Since that time, the need to continue toward an innovative future for Leadership Network has been at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.

As a first step towards that future, Exponential has accepted CDF Capital’s offer for assistance and has appointed Sean Morgan as the Interim Director of Leadership Network during the transition period.

Sean will serve simultaneously in his role as Vice President at CDF Capital and at Leadership Network. Sean has been serving church leaders through CDF Capital since 2014 and has seen tremendous growth in the influence of his leadership work through, the Leaders In Living Rooms podcast, and the development of an incredible team of coaches and mentors.

We look forward to bringing further clarity for Leadership Network for 2021 and beyond in a future communication.

Todd Wilson
President & CEO, Exponential

Dusty Rubeck
President & CEO, CDF Capital

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November 18 & 19, 2020


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