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Welcome to the largest church planting and multiplication library in the world! We long to see multiplication become normative, to shape paradigms for measuring success in churches and help move the needle from less than 7% of U.S. churches reproducing to a tipping point of greater than 16%.

We’re excited about your multiplication journey to becoming a Level 5 multiplying church (Becoming Five). To help you on your journey, you’ll find all the resources you need by clicking on the tabs to the left — eBooks, print books, thousands of hours of video, audio, podcasts, training courses and more — most of which are FREE.

Years from now, we pray generations point back to this catalytic community that prioritized multiplication for God’s glory!


Changing your church’s scorecard and operating system from addition to multiplication growth requires you to honestly assess where your church is on the multiplication spectrum. Exponential developed several assessment tools to help churches move toward multiplication by discovering their multiplication profile and pattern. One of the best places to start is with the Becoming 5 Assessment Tool. Church leaders who’ve taken the assessment say that learning about their multiplication profile has helped them find their starting point. Take the assessment now.

Exponential desires to provide the best resources to help you understand the core frameworks of becoming a multiplying church. Here are a few resources we believe will maximize your experience and help you move further faster.

This FREE eBook: Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church continues a conversation started in the 2014 Exponential book Spark: Igniting a Culture of Multiplication, focusing on how we can each play our part in moving the needle on church multiplication. Focusing on the specifics of helping churches identify where they are on the multiplication scale (Levels 1 – 5) and what’s needed to become a Level 5 multiplying church, authors Todd Wilson and Dave Ferguson champion multiplication and equip future church multipliers to move beyond the prevailing addition-growth scorecards. “We need to rethink the operating system that’s producing growth but not producing multiplication—and aim for more healthy Kingdom growth that’s focused on multiplication.”  Download your eBook here.

Reproducing Churches Podcast: Over the years, it’s become clear to those watching it develop that the goal of Exponential has not been to throw a great conference, but to transform church multiplication by increasing the statistic of 4% of churches reproducing in America, to 10% and beyond.   Statistics demonstrate that this number has been climbing in the past decade, due largely in part to Exponential’s efforts to pour into reproducing leaders who reproduce churches. By shifting the goalposts of how we measure success, that statistic has also shifted.  If you’re new to the conversation of multiplication, or stuck wondering how to carry out the great commission, then this podcast is for you.

The Church Multiplication Challenge is a call to action for churches to embrace a new scorecard of healthy reproduction. The Challenge gives any church a simple 3-step process for endorsing a declaration of multiplication, discovering their current level of multiplication, and making a public declaration of their commitment to pursue healthy multiplication.

Every year Exponential introduces an annual theme to help drive the conversation deeper and mobilize leaders toward multiplication. Each theme helps provide framework for becoming a reproducing church.  There are multiple resources to help you understand and develop each theme. Click on each theme’s resource link below to learn more.

Together: Pursuing the Great Collaboration – 2020 Theme

What is missing from many of our efforts and strategies? Doing it Together!

We are all familiar with the Great Commission and the challenge to “Go.” There has been much taught on the Great Commandment and the need to go with “Love.” But it is the last part of Jesus’ mission – which was Jesus’ final prayer – that we have forgotten. It’s the Great Collaboration – that we are to go in love Together!

Together Resource Library
Together Free Resource Kit
Together Videos
Together Free eBooks
Together Articles
Together Digital Access Pass

Made for More is designed to help transform your thinking and refocus you on mobilization strategies. It focuses on 6 shifts based on the book of Ephesians. Invest in your team, multiply their impact, and change the direction of your ministry with these themed resources.
Made for More Resource Library
Made for More Free Resource Kit
Made for More Personal Calling Kit
Made for More Church Campaign Kit
Made for More Online Course
Made for More Free eBook
Made for More Book
Made for More Digital Access Pass

Hero Maker is designed to help leaders shift from being the hero to leveraging their power and influence to become hero makers, bringing real change to the church and community by developing the practical skills to help others reach their leadership potential.
Hero Maker Resource Library
Hero Maker Training Kit
Hero Maker Online Course
Hero Maker Book
Hero Maker Digital Access Pass

Dream Big is designed to help you and your church move forward on your Pathway toward multiplication. The necessary practical steps to move into multiplication. Turn your aspirations into compelling vision with actionable strategies to become a church that will make a difference for generations to come.
Dream Big Resource Library
Dream Big Online Course
Dream Big Book
Dream Big Workbook
Dream Big Digital Access Pass

Becoming Five helps you and your church move toward multiplication by providing the framework of becoming a Level 5 Multiplying Church. Throughout these resources, you will learn about all 5 levels and discover your own level, or Profile, as your starting point. This theme provides insights into Levels 4 and 5 from others who have made the journey and will help you recognize the tensions you’ll encounter on your way to Kingdom multiplication.
Becoming Five Online Course
Becoming Five Multiplication Study Free Book
Becoming Five Book
Becoming Five Digital Access Pass

At Exponential, we are passionate about Kingdom multiplication, and we are working to inspire and equip leaders to change the primary metrics of success in the Church from addition to multiplication, and from accumulation to releasing.

The Multipliers Learning Communities were created to help forward-thinking leaders engage in peer-to-peer learning about the future of the church. Exponential’s Multipliers Learning Communities have served hundreds of diverse Kingdom leaders over the last decade guiding them to the critical paradigm shifts to embrace their vision and purpose to:

1. Lead churches that make disciples
2. Mobilize their church into daily mission
3. Build a legacy of lasting Kingdom influence through starting new churches.

The Learning Community journey consists of three separate gatherings in three different cities over an 7-month period (from Fall 2020 to Spring 2021) combining the relational, experiential and informational components required for transformation. Learning Community attendees build lasting connections with fellow church multipliers while gaining the innovative ideas that will lead to implementing an action plan in their local context. Today’s the day! Join a Learning Community!

Exponential has hundreds of online resources available to you, many of which are free. Take a look below!


Exponential offers the largest library of eBooks available on church multiplication, mobilization, and more. And most of them are FREE! From reproducing churches to vision development to discipleship to marriage, our eBooks will provide clear steps for your leadership journey. Check out our featured eBooks below and then explore Exponential’s entire eBook library.

Resource Kits

Equip yourself and your team with focused content on specific topics! Content from Exponential Conference workshops, training videos, and eBooks are all available via our Resource Kits, many of which are FREE. Download and use the videos, podcasts, and print materials for your personal training, training with your team, or create a custom retreat-type event for your staff or launch teams. Check out our Resource Kits HERE.
Reproducing Churches Podcast

Have you ever wished that you had an avenue to ask questions to church leaders who have cracked the church multiplication code? Well, that’s what this podcast is designed to bring you – an inside look at reproducing churches who are reproducing churches amazingly well.

All of these episodes are designed to help your church become the level 5 church that it was designed to be. We know this journey won’t happen over night but the hope is to give you some practical tools in your church multiplication journey. Click here to listen.

Libros GRATIS en Español!

Convirtiéndonos en una Iglesia Multiplicadora Nivel 5

En este nuevo libro, los cofundadores de Exponential, Todd Wilson y Dave Ferguson, presentan y exploran el enfoque y el tema de Exponential de 2016: Convirtiéndose en Cinco. Convirtiéndose en una Iglesia Multiplicadora de Nivel Cincocontinúa una conversación iniciada en el libro de Exponential del 2014 Chispa: Encendiendo una Cultura de Multiplicación, profundizando a más detalles enfocándonos en cómo cada uno de nosotros puede jugar nuestro papel al mover la aguja en la multiplicación de iglesias. Mientras que Chispa introdujo estos tres elementos centrales de la cultura, en este libro, Todd y Dave insisten más en cómo los vivimos. . . . lee mas


¿Cómo se vería si un número significativo de iglesias tuvieran que intentar, de manera intencional, no multiplicarse y el Señor aumentara sus números diariamente? (Hechos 2:42-47)? En este recurso GRATUITO, el director de Exponential, Todd Wilson, presiona el tema de “CHISPA: Encendiendo una Cultura de Multiplicación,” para dar a los líderes de iglesias una visión para reproducir iglesias y las herramientas necesarias para que esa visión se haga realidad. Este libro electrónico establece el marco para la serie de libros que se centran en la multiplicación y defiende el enfoque de Exponential . . . lee mas

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