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Allow me to introduce you to the the Multipliers Resource Center.

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Bruce Walker

Programming & Engagement Director | Exponential

What is the Multipliers Resource Center?

Think of the Multipliers Resource Center (MRC) as a virtual conference.
Just like attending a physical conference, the MRC serves as the virtual conference center.
There is the Auditorium where main events are held, breakout rooms, a resource center, and sponsor hall.
Let’s start with the Welcome Center. When you enter through the welcome center, you’ll have the master controls at your fingertips. Think of it as walking through the front doors of any conference.
As you begin to get the hang of using the MRC, you’ll want to head to the next area, the Lobby.
This is the part of the Multipliers Resource Center that we’re pretty excited about. One of the best parts of any conference is the relationships you build while you’re there. The Lobby is the place that will serve as your portal to our daily interaction with other members of the Exponential Online Community.
When you first arrive you’ll see daily blog posts.
Clicking on a blog post will take you to one of the Discussion Boards where you can answer a question as if it were Facebook. There you will find whatever bite-sized resource that we’ve emailed to your inbox for you to consume and digest before joining in the conversation.
And every day, we’ll have a conversation for you to take part in with leading multiplication thought leaders and practitioners. Before the live event you can see when it’s going to occur by checking in here.
What if you miss a live event? Well, you don’t get the benefit of interacting live with the speakers, but you can still experience the content, as we’ll keep that discussion thread going where you can still read the content, and still interact after the live event. Every day we’ll archive the question with the bite-sized resource, and a video capture of the live event, so that you don’t have to miss a thing!
You can also visit our Resource Center. We’re going to try hard not to overwhelm you, but just know that we have thousands of hours of resources in the form of videos, audios and articles about multiplication. You can download from scores of eBooks, take a number of courses, and download kits to take your church through. To help make it more manageable, we’ve broken it into a few manageable chunks for you.
Lastly, don’t forget to visit the Sponsor Hall. Our sponsors are an important part of what we do here at Exponential. We trust that you’ll be able to find some amazing resources from them. They are carefully vetted prior to being accepted as a sponsor. We are convinced that each one of them will help provide tools to help accelerate your multiplication.
What is Exponential?
Exponential is the largest library of multiplication resources on the planet.
We exist to help you accelerate your church’s multiplication.
93% of churches never reproduce themselves. Think about that! That means only 7% ever do.
Our goal is to change the number of multiplying churches from 7 to 10% to reach the tipping point in North America.
Every year we gather in Orlando, Florida with thousands of leaders to inspire and equip the church to multiply.
We have studied multiplication movements extensively and believe that there are certain practices that will orient churches towards fostering multiplication movements.
We don’t just want to see your church reproduce. We want to help you multiply exponentially.
Who do I contact if I need assistance?
Exponential is here to service you. Our team monitors all help requests regularly. If you need to contact our helpdesk for any reason, please email
What if my page/video isn’t loading?
Try refreshing the page so that it can reload. If that doesn’t work, shut your browser down and restart it. That usually fixes the problem.