Resources for Roundtable Hosts

Welcome Roundtable Hosts!

Thank you for partnering with us to host a Roundtable this fall and for facilitating transformative content and meaningful conversations to help navigate these challenging times. In this increasingly divisive cultural moment, the call that we are Better Together has never been greater. The church must find its place in championing and modeling unity, and it starts with these healthy conversations. This page provides access to everything you need to host an Exponential Roundtable event. Just click on the Welcome tab below to get started.

As a Roundtable Host, you have access to Exponential’s Online Community, we call the HUB, where almost daily we invite you into a conversation that presses into the theological, moral, and practical realities of racial unity, Biblical multiplication and more.  Once you’ve worked through Host Resources Tabs, be sure to see what’s going on in the HUB.

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