The First Ever

Future of the Church National Summit

A free, live event preparing you for the innovations and trends shaping the future of the church

March 4 – 1:00pm ET

The 4-Hour Livestream Event That Will Equip You & Your Team to Advance the Jesus Mission in 2021 and Beyond

Here's what you’ll get when you attend the first ever Future of The Church Summit...


It’s like 4 events in one.

Future Realities and Microchurch Planting
  • Balancing the Old and New Wineskins — Andy Stanley, Todd Wilson, and Shawn Lovejoy
  • Demographic Trends and Projections to 2050 — Daniel Yang
  • The Science of Micro-Church — Ralph Moore
  • The Practice of Micro-church: Finishing the Way the Church Began — Rob Wegner
  • Essential Ecclesiology of Church — Larry Walkemeyer and Ed Love
  • 10 Characteristics of Future Church Planters — Jeff Christopherson
Innovations in Bivocational Models & Approaches
  • Rethinking Bivo/Covo Church Planting — Brad Brisco
  • Why Side Hustle Pastoring Makes Sense — Myron Pierce
  • Beyond Vibo/Covo: The Free-Market Church — Hugh Halter
  • Trends in Church Staffing — William Vanderbloemen
  • Governance in a Decentralized Future — ECFA
Digital Church and Disciple-Making
  • New Normals in the Post-COVID Reality — Todd Wilson and  Carey Nieuwhof
  • Journeying to Discover a Digital Church — Jeff Reed
  • Innovations in Digital Disciple Making — Doug Paul
  • The Future of Effective Digital Evangelism — Craig Springer
  • Increasing Engagement in the Digital Church — Katie Allred
Leadership in the Future Church
  • Leading the Next Generation in the Post-COVID Era — Grant Skeldon
  • Leading Women into the Future Church — Kadi Cole
  • The Future of Church Economics — Mark DeYmaz
  • Future Church — Will Mancini
  • Trends in Church Mergers — Jim Tomberlin & Warren Bird
  • 4 Counterintuitive Shifts the Church Must Make for the Future — Pete Scazzero   

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summit speakers

An unparalleled lineup of church practitioners have come to share their secrets from the trenches of church leadership. They will present actionable insights, data-driven knowledge, and innovative ideas to help you lead your church in a rapidly changing and challenging culture.


Myron Pierce

Kadi Cole


Will Mancini

Derwin Gray

JD Greear

William Vanderbloemen

Chris Hodges

Grant Skeldon


Daniel Yang


Doug Paul

Rob Wegner

Pete Scazzero


Mark DeYmaz

Ralph Moore

Jim Tomberlin

Craig Springer

Katie Allred

Larry Walkemeyer

Staci Brown


Jeff Reed

Warren Bird

Hugh Halter

Do more than just survive in 2021…
get the insights and trends you need to advance the mission of your church for the future.

It’s rare that successful church leaders pull back the curtain and share what they are thinking and doing about the future. That exactly what will happen at the Future of the Church Summit. Some of the top church leaders in North America will describe to you how they are responding to the rapid changes in our culture. Plus, they’ll walk you through the innovations you need to know to stay on the cutting edge. You’ll even be able to ask your questions to people like Daniel Yang, Rob Wegner, Doug Paul, Kadi Cole, and Grant Skeldon live during the event!

Get your entire team to tune in for this livestream!

Is it even possible to create scalable reproduction within our addition-addicted culture?

What is micro-church?

How can we mobilize the priesthood of all believers within the context of each person’s unique calling?

Are we playing it safe pursuing evolutionary change or are we discerning the revolutionary change that leads to multiplication?

How do we measure success in biblical disciple making and the mobilization of God’s people?

How do we position ourselves and our churches to be the best possible stewards ?

Are we infatuated with the next emerging growth opportunity and completely missing the multiplication potential ?

How can you unlock the huge pent-up capacity of the priesthood of all believers?

Is your team more about adding gatherings to deliver your content and message, or more about missional outposts for delivering the love of Jesus to every crack and cranny of society?



1:00 - 5:00 p.m. ET

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