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It shouldn’t be hard to do good - especially when planting a church or launching a ministry. 

That’s why InstantNonprofit is here to support Exponential’s vision “to see an expanding number of movements of healthy, reproducing faith communities”.

We do this through our done-for-you 501(c)3 nonprofit formation and ancillary support services. For less than ⅓ of typical legal fees and under 60 minutes of your time, we take your idea to IRS-approved 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, without the hassle, 100% guaranteed.

In the face of unprecedented societal turbulence and uncertainty, our commitment to helping leaders maintain focus on mission is stronger than ever in 2020.

"InstantNonprofit makes launching the legal end of a faith-based 501(c)3 prompt, professional, and painless! At Exponential, they’re our go to solution for help with forming new non-profits." Todd Wilson, Exponential CEO

Please browse our booth to learn more or book a call, and feel free to get in touch with me at

OUR MISSION: To support YOURS in the mission field

We take care of the 501(c)3 entity formation and IRS tax exemption process, so you can focus on the mission of your ministry or church plant. 

We started with a simple idea - that bureaucratic obstacles and red tape-induced brain damage shouldn’t stop you from bringing about the change you want to see in the world.

When we began in 2012, starting a nonprofit organization and getting 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Status had become too complicated, expensive, and time consuming. 

And it hasn’t gotten any easier!

Many nonprofit founders had been forced to give up before their dream saw the light of day. 

We set out to change that forever!

Like you, we’re taking a stand for love, faith, hope, equity, and ACTION - that’s why OUR mission is to facilitate you focusing on YOUR mission! 

Our technology is simple to use, and we never neglect the human touch. We understand what it takes because our team has been right where you are now. 

...because it shouldn't be hard to do good!

Our Founder's Story

A decade ago, I volunteered to start a nonprofit with a group of friends. “How hard can it be?” I asked - and I soon became morally outraged at the brain numbing process, and the 12-months-plus IRS approval timeline.

I was suddenly “on a mission”!

I called the phone number of our faraway IRS agent...

...but after waiting days for a response only to miss the returned call, I decided to dial nearly 40 similar phone extensions (changing the last few numbers) in the IRS Exempt Organizations department, asking things such as: 

  • how to get a fast approval, 
  • why organizations get rejected
  • What kind of application “makes their day”

...and dozens of other questions.

I documented the process I had developed, formulated what we still call “a love letter to a bureaucrat” - the perfect 501(c)3 Application - and immediately produced consistent 30-to-60 day IRS approvals. 

Requests for help started coming in, and I went from “blogger” to “businessman”. 

My early projects included a small Christian school in rural Montana, then an inspirational organization dedicated to helping people cope with illness and death. 

They told two friends, and so on, and so on...

Today, after helping hundreds of thousands with informative online content, and over three thousand organizations including churches and ministries operating all over the world…

...we’re prouder than ever of our  efficient tech-enabled process, 100% IRS approval guarantee, and a staff committed to our credo that “It shouldn’t be hard to do good”. 

That’s why we’re the #1 most highly rated 501(c)3 formation service in the industry.

We hope to serve you - please let us know how we can help by learning more, booking a free strategy session.

Leave your 501(c)3 Formation ​to the experts.

Unlike many other "Business Services" companies who don't specialize in nonprofit churches and ministries, our formation packages include EVERYTHING you need.

Each of our turn-key 501(c)3 Formation packages starts with five fundamental components: 

  • Articles of Incorporation, filed in your State 
  • Obtaining your EIN (Tax ID Number)
  • Your 501(c)3 Application, including Schedule A (churches)
  • Bylaws as well as all other required policies and addenda
  • Our Pre-Drafted Corporate Governance Package

See "What's Included", outlined in detail on our website.

Starting a Church (or large ministry)? You’ll need our Enterprise Package, due to IRS guidelines requiring churches to use the full-blown Form 1023 Application with the Schedule A Church Addenda. 

Or, upgrade to our Ultimate Package It’s the same as Enterprise, but includes additional consulting support (for fundraising, operations, or choose another track) & 2 years’ compliance filings included.

For small-to-medium size ministries with projected revenues of $50,000 per year, book a consultation for reduced Express Package pricing.

Fully Managed Service

Our three-step process takes minutes to start, and you can be finished in less than one hour - we do the rest! We eliminate government delays due to incorrect and incomplete applications. We get it right the first time - so you can get IRS approved quickly.

Get started

Book a Consultation


Equipping Lab: Your Done-For-You 501(c)3 Formation

Stop by our workshop and we’ll walk you through why we’re committed to your mission, what we deliver for you in our church formation and 501(c)3 process (hint: absolutely everything), and how we make it fast and painless.


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We encourage you to connect with them and see for yourself how they can accelerate your leadership and ministry. If you’d like to receive periodic emails from them highlighting products and services that may help you, simply click on the link below.

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Tuesday, November 30, 11:00 a.m. ET
Current Faces and New Ventures Ep. 1 – In Too Deep, and Seeing What We Can’t See Hosted by Dhati Lewis and Daniel Yang

Tuesday, November 30, 2:00 p.m. ET
Under the Hood: Reproducing Church Ep. 4 – Eatlake Hosted by Ralph Moore Featuring James Grogan

Wednesday, December 1, 2:00 p.m. ET
Missional Vibrancy & Financial Viability Ep. 3 – Church Planting with a Missional Heart and Entrepreneurial Passion Hosted by Bill Couchenour Featuring Jay Moon & Myron Pierce

Thursday, December 2, 2:00 p.m. ET
ChurchNext – Auxano Ep. 3 – Revitalizing a Healthy Church Culture Hosted by Bryan Rose Featuring Chris Kouba & Tyler Gilliland

Recent shows available on demand:


One of the best parts about Exponential’s Online Community is the ability to build relationships with other people. The Networking Café is the place that serves as your portal to our daily interaction with other members of the Exponential Online Community. Each week we feature resources and post blogs to challenge you and others in the community to think about multiplication on a deeper level.


We’re excited about your multiplication journey! In our Resource Center, you’ll find all the resources you need, categorized by clicking on the tabs to the left side of the Resource Center Page — webinars, eBooks, print books, resources kits, podcasts and more — most of which are FREE.

Featured Resources

The Together Resource Kit

The 2020-2021 Digital Access Pass is the perfect resource for individual and team training! Now you can bring the main stage experience home to your spouse, team, and church. In this digital resource you will:

  • Hear from national leaders like Andy and Sandra Stanley, Albert Tate, Greg Surratt, Pete Scazzero, Danielle Strickland, and so many more from our 2020 Global Conference in Orlando and 2021 regional conferences
  • Have instant content for staff meetings equipping you and your team in our 2020 and 2021 theme “Together – Pursuing The Great Collaboration” from all five main stage sessions
  • Gain access to future recording from other 2020-2021 events from Exponential

2021 Regional Conferences – “Together: Pursuing the Great Collaboration”

We are going to be TOGETHER, again! Exponential Regionals are returning in 2021 and are designed to make the main stage programming at our global event in Orlando more accessible to church leaders in local geographic areas. These gatherings are for leaders who are unable to attend our national event OR need a more affordable option to bring their entire team. Exponential Regionals conferences are shorter in length than our national event to help leaders save on travel expenses BUT are still filled with the full punch of the national event theme. These gatherings include pre-conference equipping labs and 5 main sessions.

2021 Locations: Washington DC | Southern California | Bay Area | Houston | Chicago

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