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To glorify God by cultivating spiritual and physical flourishing through cross-cultural ministry


A world that recognizes and declares God’s glory as individuals, communities and nations experience healing through truth and compassion

Jesus commissioned His followers to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey all that He commanded. The global church has sought to carry out this mandate ever since it was given. Around 200 years ago, as the world got smaller through western affluence and technology, the efforts to make disciples increased exponentially. However, as the west flourished, propelled forward by a biblical worldview that had birthed reason, rights, liberty and economy, tragedy occurred; the message and practice of missionaries became truncated by a false distinction between the “sacred” and “secular.”

Beginning in the late 1800’s, many Christ followers began to see the Gospel message as simply related to the spiritual, while physical life (including compassion ministry) became “worldly” and incidental. Displaying God’s love through social work was left for liberal churches with a low view of the Bible, while fundamentalists focused on getting people prepared for heaven. Instead of making disciples, missionaries by and large made converts; people who accepted a message primarily perceived as applying to the afterlife, and a God to simply add to their current folk religious belief system.

Consequently, most of the cultural lies and factors that perpetuate spiritual darkness and poverty remained in play. With unconverted minds, the “reached” world has remained in large part un-discipled and biblically illiterate. And the west, seeing the gospel as a personal salvation message only, was seduced by materialism and belief systems that are antithetical to the Christian message.

Today there are millions of people who live in spiritual and physical poverty because of broken systems, broken governments, broken relationships, and an abridged Gospel. They need the truth in God’s Word to transform their minds, and sometimes a “hand up” to begin to flourish. There are also millions of people living in more affluent cultures longing for a deeper spiritual life, but who are mired in a naturalistic worldview. They need wholistic discipleship that addresses all of life, coupled with opportunities to love neighbors locally and globally. Healing Nations exists to bridge gaps; to provide wholistic discipleship tools and coaching to those who need them; and to connect churches and groups across borders for appropriate ongoing cross-cultural discipleship, relationships, and compassion work.

We all need a transformed mind from God’s truth and a passion for God’s glory. Christians globally are hungering for spiritual depth, with many missing out on the spiritual formation that comes from joining God in His mission in the world. We believe God is inviting all of us to join Him in healing the nations, both the affluent and poverty stricken, through the power of His Word and the obedience of His people to live out all that Jesus commanded.

God is healing nations and inviting us to join Him in His mission to bring more glory to His name.

Healing comes in many forms: spiritual, emotional, cultural, and physical. For many people living in the west, stepping across a border to serve others provides an opportunity to join the mission of God and participate in His healing work. For those who are Christ followers, it is also an opportunity for personal discipleship that can catalyze our priorities and understanding of the needs of the world. For others who are not Christ followers, it is an opportunity for exposure to people living out Christ’s call to care for the marginalized, hopefully moving the spiritually unengaged toward their own spiritual healing.

The Name “Healing Nations” provides the content and context of this organization.

Content (What): The world is afflicted by sin, which distorts all relationships: with God, self, others and creation. We need to be healed, and that healing only comes through the great physician, Jesus Christ (Isaiah 53:5), who has reconciled the world to Himself (2 Corinthians 5:19, Colossians 1:19-20). The healing is both spiritual and physical; restoring our relationship with God and providing the Spirit-led capacity to pursue peace and flourishing in all other relationships and areas of living. Acts of compassion also address the healing and capacity of the physical lives of the marginalized. There are many affluent Christ followers who also need to be healed by the truth of God’s Word, utilized by the Spirit to deepen their love for Christ and expose idolatry.

Context (Who): God desires a people for Himself that come from all “tribes and tongues.” He desires for His glory to be spread among the nations. Thus, we have a global focus that encompasses all peoples. Many of the “reached” developing nations are not displaying evidence of transformation because the Gospel of the Kingdom of God has not been proclaimed in its fullness. We focus on these nations while acknowledging the need to reach the unreached.

There is clear evidence that God is moving in our generation through the efforts of wholistic discipleship and cross-cultural engagement in healing people, communities and nations … let’s join God in what He’s doing and spread the good news of the Kingdom far and wide.

  1. Biblical Mandates

Because we have received the great healing (Isaiah 53:5) we obey the great commandment (Matthew 22:35–40), the great commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and the great requirement (Micah 6:8). These passages summarize the Christian life: glorifying God by making disciples, with spiritual and societal healing as the result.

  1. Dependence on God

We recognize that the fulfillment of our mission cannot be accomplished by human strategies. There is a direct correlation between how we engage with our sovereign Lord and participating with Him in fulfilling His Kingdom purposes. Consequently, prayer, fasting, seeking wisdom from Scripture and other spiritual disciplines are essential to our practice as an organization, and in any strategy for community development implemented by those living in a developing nation.

  1. Wholistic Discipleship

We believe that personal and social transformation is not possible without becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. Discipleship happens in the course of understanding and obeying Jesus’ teaching, not from simply assenting to biblical facts. Consequently, we value wholistic discipleship that addresses all of life (spiritual and physical) as the primary element in development work and to effect positive change in affluent cultures. The Gospel is the gateway, the framework, and the culmination of discipleship.

  1. The Local Church

We believe that the local church, wherever it exists, is God’s primary vehicle in accomplishing His purposes. Therefore, we prioritize engagement with churches for the fulfillment of our mission.

  1. Cross-Cultural Partnerships

We engage churches, groups, families, and individuals in international partnerships. Special care is taken to break down stereotypes and address cultural lies that hold people in bondage to broken systems.

  1. Projects

We facilitate projects of compassion and mercy, giving preference to the needs of the most marginalized. We avoid dependency and reinforcing ideas about helplessness by working hard to ensure no one does for the poor what they can do for themselves, when they have a proper understanding of their capacity and resources.

  1. Care For People

The love we seek to share internationally will also be evident in our cultural ethos. Donors, project recipients, project partners, volunteers, staff, and board, all who are involved in the work of this organization, will be treated with respect and value.

Would you like to learn more about how we could serve your church or group? Send us an email at info@healingnations.net or call us at (801) 901-7667. Visit healingnations.net to learn more about who we are.

International partnerships can be life changing for all involved, when done well.

God is on mission, bringing spiritual and physical flourishing to His fallen world through the power of his Word. We have a part to play in that, by seeking to love neighbors both near and far. It is all for His glory.

Poverty is an invader in God’s world brought about by lies embedded in cultures around the globe, lies that are broken by the truth of a Biblical worldview. The North American church has access to discipleship tools and other resources that can make a lasting impact in developing communities globally, while growing North American believers who stand in relational solidarity with the poor. Often it is simply a matter of discipleship; allowing church communities overseas to see their true capacity to initiate their own solutions.

Healing Nations comes alongside any church or group that wants to address our broken world with Gospel driven compassion & discipleship resources, without Pastors or key leaders having to manage all the details. If you are looking for a new partnership, we move through a discovery process with your team to determine together where you would like to work in the world and what issues your group wishes to address. Often, we connect you with one of our vetted global partners, but sometimes we go on a quest to find you the most appropriate new partner. We then take care of training and logistics for teams, lead each team, and manage the activity. Occasionally we help with an existing “stuck” partnership a group has, and sometimes we simply coach churches on the use of great discipleship materials to use with their existing partnerships.

It’s like you have a mission’s department…because you do.


Would you like to learn more about how we could serve your church or group? Send us an email at info@healingnations.net or call us at (801) 901-7667. Visit healingnations.net to learn more about who we are.

An integral part of a partnership with Healing Nations is the sending of teams. With every group or church that Healing Nations partners with, we help them facilitate and manage ongoing relationships with their partner(s) around the world. With every team, we also send a Healing Nations Team Leader who oversees and manages administrative aspects of your trip, allowing you to focus on shepherding and caring for the spiritual needs of your team as well as developing and growing your relationship with your partner.

Part of the responsibility of the Healing Nations Team Leader is to film the team’s activities throughout the trip. Upon returning, we edit these videos together to act as visual testimony that teams can share with friends, family, and even lost folks to give them a picture of the value of the relationships built and the work God is doing. Below is a small picture of the impact short-term missions with long-term vision can have for your church or group.

To learn more about our medical teams, visit healingnations.net/medical-missions or email medical@healingnations.net.



To learn more about our teams, visit healingnations.net/teams or email info@healingnations.net.

Global Missions Group is a family of strategic partnerships and initiatives that provide opportunities for individuals and groups to find their place in carrying out the great commandment (Matthew 22:35–40), great commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and great requirement (Micah 6:8).

To learn more, visit globalmissions.org or email info@globalmissions.org

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