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Forge America - Exponential Forge America - Exponential
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Forge America

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Forge began in Australia in 1996, launched by Alan and Deb Hirsch and Michael & Caz Frost as a response to the dire need for Christians to go into their worlds amidst the many cultural changes and live as missional disciples; engaging those in the places they live, work, and play with the good news of Jesus & His Kingdom. The hope was to help every follower of Jesus participate in the mission of God and as a result see new contextual expressions of the Kingdom pioneered across neighborhoods and networks.

In 2010 Forge America began. While the country and context changed, Forge continued in it’s mission to partner with the local church to mobilize the people of God to participate in the everyday mission of God.  

To see missional disciples made and mobilized Forge has created a variety of learning environments for local church leaders:

Resources & Events

Many leaders are expressing similar longings to see missional disciples made and mobilized into the spaces they inhabit. However, there are many questions around how this is done. Forge has curated resources and created events to help leaders learn more, be informed, and stay inspired.


As learning increases a conviction for change solidifies. Furthermore, leaders grow in their awareness of the adaptive challenges they face, particularly as it relates to mobilizing missional disciples. To help leaders navigate these challenges, gain further understanding, and know the steps forward Forge has created a free Introduction to Mobilizing Missional Disciples course. 


Connection is just as important as conviction. As leaders navigate challenges and journey towards a better future, connection to others who are on a similar journey is essential. Forge connects leaders to one another as well as guides them as the move beyond information to implementation. Forge Cohorts are offered regularly. We also offer cohorts when requested for networks, teams, churches, or denominations, etc. The cohorts help leaders (both pastors and pioneers/planters) implement holistic change in their context in order to see missional disciples mobilized, communities transformed, new things pioneered, and ultimately the reign of God revealed.


Because every context is different, Forge offers coaching to help leaders assess how new learnings will affect the organization or church they lead. Additionally, coaching will help leaders utilize their learnings to develop a discipleship culture that reflects their community and context.


Joining God in the renewal of our city will require, more than ever, that followers of Jesus live as missional disciples in the spaces they live, work, and play; however, now more than ever, there is added complexity to seeing disciples made. Additionally, leaders are finding that pre-existing discipleship programs and discipleship pathways are no longer working. 

So how do pastors and pioneers help those they lead become missional disciples who make disciples? What are the practical steps leaders need to take in order to adapt their current discipleship pathways to meet our new reality? In this FREE Introduction to Creating a Discipleship Culture Course we will help participants:

  • Gain clarity on the challenges their church or context is currently experiencing
  • Develop a vision for a better future as it relates to disciple-making
  • Understand the preparation and the pathway needed to move towards that better future
  • Take practical next steps to see disciples made, communities transformed, new things pioneered, and ultimately the reign of God revealed.


To connect, participate in training, or learn more please follow the link:

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Tuesday, November 30, 11:00 a.m. ET
Current Faces and New Ventures Ep. 1 – In Too Deep, and Seeing What We Can’t See Hosted by Dhati Lewis and Daniel Yang

Tuesday, November 30, 2:00 p.m. ET
Under the Hood: Reproducing Church Ep. 4 – Eatlake Hosted by Ralph Moore Featuring James Grogan

Wednesday, December 1, 2:00 p.m. ET
Missional Vibrancy & Financial Viability Ep. 3 – Church Planting with a Missional Heart and Entrepreneurial Passion Hosted by Bill Couchenour Featuring Jay Moon & Myron Pierce

Thursday, December 2, 2:00 p.m. ET
ChurchNext – Auxano Ep. 3 – Revitalizing a Healthy Church Culture Hosted by Bryan Rose Featuring Chris Kouba & Tyler Gilliland

Recent shows available on demand:


We’re excited about your multiplication journey! In our Resource Center, you’ll find all the resources you need, categorized by clicking on the tabs to the left side of the Resource Center Page — webinars, eBooks, print books, resources kits, podcasts and more — most of which are FREE.

Featured Resources

The Together Resource Kit

The 2020-2021 Digital Access Pass is the perfect resource for individual and team training! Now you can bring the main stage experience home to your spouse, team, and church. In this digital resource you will:

  • Hear from national leaders like Andy and Sandra Stanley, Albert Tate, Greg Surratt, Pete Scazzero, Danielle Strickland, and so many more from our 2020 Global Conference in Orlando and 2021 regional conferences
  • Have instant content for staff meetings equipping you and your team in our 2020 and 2021 theme “Together – Pursuing The Great Collaboration” from all five main stage sessions
  • Gain access to future recording from other 2020-2021 events from Exponential

2021 Regional Conferences – “Together: Pursuing the Great Collaboration”

We are going to be TOGETHER, again! Exponential Regionals are returning in 2021 and are designed to make the main stage programming at our global event in Orlando more accessible to church leaders in local geographic areas. These gatherings are for leaders who are unable to attend our national event OR need a more affordable option to bring their entire team. Exponential Regionals conferences are shorter in length than our national event to help leaders save on travel expenses BUT are still filled with the full punch of the national event theme. These gatherings include pre-conference equipping labs and 5 main sessions.

2021 Locations: Washington DC | Southern California | Bay Area | Houston | Chicago

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