BOOK TOUR — Ready or Not: Kingdom Innovation for a Brave New World, by Doug Paul

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Featuring Doug Paul and Rich Robinson

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Ready or Not: Kingdom Innovation for a Brave New World

By: Doug Paul

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s the truth of that statement, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” All of us have had to innovate in really unexpected ways. However, there was a desperate need for innovation before COVID hit and once we get on the other side of it, there will be even more need. So what does it look like to create a culture of innovation in your church and what are some of the essential practices? That’s where we’ll be focusing our time during this our together.

“Whether you’re ready or not, the most predictable thing about life today is that our culture will change at a rate that is hard to keep up with, no matter who you are,” writes Paul. Read more here.


“Prepare to be surprised and delighted, and ultimately, roused to action. Ready or Not is a primer for any Christian leader wanting to step into a future that takes innovation seriously.”
—Mark Batterson, New York Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker; lead pastor, National Community Church, Washington, DC

“This book has come at just the perfect moment! Innovative, refreshing, different, and possible … Doug Paul invites the church to actually do what it was born for … reimagine the future! Let this book challenge and inspire you toward kingdom come!”
—Danielle Strickland, author; speaker; leader

“Doug is a pioneer with a passion to bring others along. It’s easy to deconstruct the past, but it takes a true revolutionary to paint a vision for the future.” 
—Gabe Lyons, president, Q Ideas; co-author of Good Faith

“Provocative and compelling, this is an essential book to help us meet the moment. The stories and insights, practice and application, are all woven together to surprise, delight, and help you lean into becoming the innovative leader God has uniquely created you to be.”
—Will Mancini, author of Future Church (forthcoming); founder, the Future Church Company 

Ready or Not will serve as a navigational guide into the steps of innovation you need to take. In compelling, entertaining, and brilliant form, Doug Paul has captured the patterns of some of the most interesting innovations and distilled them into a process for leaders and teams to follow.”
—Jeff Vanderstelt, author; lead teaching pastor, Doxa Church

“Doug has gone ahead for us and marked out a road map—a way to not only help us identify why and where change needs to happen, but how we can implement and multiply it for the benefit of others. An insightful, valuable, and timely rallying cry for us all in this moment that we find ourselves in—whether we are ready or not.”
—Rich Robinson, team leader, Catalyse Change

“In the style of Malcolm Gladwell, Doug pulls together what, at first, may seem like disparate puzzle pieces. Page by page, the pieces snap together into a picture of stunning insight and clarity. This book is a masterclass.” 
—Rob Wegner, founder, Kansas City Underground; co-author of Made for More

“Everyone is talking about the need for innovation, but few tell you how to make it happen. In Ready or Not, Doug Paul provides a brilliant framework to help you navigate what’s next for your church.” 
—Mac Lake, author of Leading Others

In this new Book Tour series, Exponential is partnering with authors of upcoming and recently released books in the church leadership space in order to equip church leaders to be more fruitful for the cause of disciple making and church multiplication.


Doug Paul

Innovation strategist and author

Todd Wilson

President & Co-Founder of Exponential

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Featured Guest

Doug Paul

Doug Paul is an innovation strategist who works with churches, denominations, networks,and socialpreneurs. He lives in Richmond, Virginia, along with his wife, Elizabeth,and three kids, where he also helps lead a local church in the city center.

Michael Carrion

Michael is the Senior and planting pastor of Promised Land Covenant Church, a missional church in the North and South Bronx. He also serves Redeemer City to City, recruiting and training church planters in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens. He has 25 years of experience in urban ministry, with specific focus and gifting in urban church planting, designing and leading urban charter schools and launching national social justice movements. Michael has received national recognition from the US Government for his work in urban centers, specifically throughout New York City, and has consulted for a variety of church- and faith-based organizations.


Rich Robinson

Rich Robinson is the Director of 5Q Collective. He also leads Catalyse Change, which provides training & coaching for church leaders and other organizations to equip and enable them around discipleship, leadership, mission and multiplication. Over the past 10 years he has led pioneering work using 3dm tools & training across Europe, Australasia and Canada. Locally, he lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he works for Cairn, a ministry working with churches in the Celtic lands, training them to recapture discipleship & mission at the heart of their culture and practice. Rich was previously on staff at St Thomas' church, Sheffield in the UK for 12 years as the Missional Communities Team Leader. He's married to Anna, who is a writer & editor, and they have three children: Josiah, Esther and Samuel. They are passionate about living with integrity & intentionality as a family that follows & shares Jesus.

Øivind Augland

Øivind Augland is together with Jürgen Eisen the initiator for Exponential Europe. He is the founder of M4 CP network in Europe. M4 is today working in 15 different European nations. Øivind has also initiated the NC2P (National Church Planting Process - The goal for the NC2P network in Europe is to mobilize the whole body of Christ in a nation, working together to strategically respond on the need for church planting in the nations. He has been a pastor and church planter within the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway for the last 25 years. Today he is leading the area of church planting in this denomination. He is the founder and part owner of Xpand Norway and Persolog Norway. Øivind's call in life is to bring unity and multiplication. Unity: To bring people from all nations, generations and denominations and ministry to work side-by-side in expanding the Kingdom (Nehemiah 3:1f). Multiplication: Train others who can train others in a life of Grace and Truth. (2 Timothy 2:2). He is married with Linda and have 4 kids ages 25; 22; 20; and 18.

We are better together!

“I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one—I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”
John 17:22-23

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